Friday, January 28, 2011

Suffering in Silence

Its that day of the week again, Friday! Everyone loves Fridays. Show me someone who does not and I lunch or something! I don't know why I am feeling rich, or it's because the month is over? Enough of digression. So everyone loves Friday and so many things happen this day. Our Moslem brothers have their prayers this day; it's the last day of school for most school-going kids and guys; it's the last day of the week generally! It is the day people decide to have fun like they will never live again! Binge drinking becomes the order of the night. Then, of course, the endless sex all through till Sunday! Basically it is a day or rather night when people get to express their feeling more freely.

A Nairobi lady having fun

Revelers in a Nairobi Club having fun

However that  is the not the issue. I do empathize with our brothers who might not get to express themselves albeit in a sexual way like everyone will tonight. There are quite a number of men both straight and gay who suffer in silence because of their 'failure to launch' or 'failure to perform'. Makes sense? Ok, let me say it as it is! There are many guys who suffer from ED (Erectile Dysfunction) and or PE (Premature Ejaculation)! This does not give them room to have fun or express themselves as they would want to! I have heard of stories where a couple (both heterosexual and gay) have broken up because of failure to launch or failure to perform. If you find yourself in such a scenario where your man cannot perform, I think its best to find what makes him happy and what he likes. Talk about it and find ways of addressing it. Be supportive and even accompany him to the doctors. That way, the problem will be easily solved. All these, I am told, are curable. So one should not take that drastic step of breaking up with their partner because they can't perform!

Do have a nice weekend fellas and be safe! Remember; DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE & ALWAYS USE PROTECTION! 

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  1. I think most of us don't or wouldn't know to talk to each other about our short comings or lack thereof in the bedroom...Sad huh?