Friday, February 11, 2011

Business and Pleasure

Working as an attorney enables you to meet and interact with many people. For the last two weeks, I have been working with these group of investors who are setting up business in the country. The process of establishing a company in Kenya is a lengthy one, so I have been in touch with one of them who is their representative.

This representative is a young and handsome guy, very technosavy and in touch with his metro-sexuality. He dresses in nice, crisp sharp and fitting suits. He is fine, I can say. 

So, of late, we  have meeting a lot more and at weird hours. I met him last evening at this posh restuarant in Upmarket Nairobi and he called again in the morning to confirm if we were still doing a few drinks tonight. I am not good at reading body language but I can tell that he is into me. I won't deny that I like him but I am not ready to mix business and pleasure. Or should I? Let me give him a call and see how it goes..... It's Friday and some company wouldn't be bad! 

Your truly,


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  1. If you are blogging about this then there is something there...that's all I am going to say, but do keep us inform of any activity that may arise!