Thursday, May 5, 2011


It has been a long time since I published on this my blog. A lot has happened since then. The last post was about mixing business with pleasure and one of my clients was in the picture. You can guess what happened. Well I decided to take the plunge and the results were fantastic. You see, I always have a strict policy when it comes to personal matters and professional matters. Its either one and not both. So I decided to mix but with very strict rules about how this was going to work. The representative of the investors I was working for happened to be a very mature guy who didn't need much of my rule. So we hit the road and went all the way, you know what I mean.

So after a couple of dinner and drink dates, not forgetting the sexcapades, we decided to call it quits. We called it quits not because he was being send to work in another coutry for a few months but because we didn't want to get emotionally attached. I don't see myself being in a 'relationship' with another man....not going to happen. I am the kind of guy who prefers to meet, hang out, bang and that's it. Love and relationships are for those who believe in love.

Enough of my escapades...... I will try to post more often now that my hands are a bit free... I tell you, it has been a hectic two  months.

Yours truly,