Friday, July 8, 2011


#thatawkwardmoment is hash tag I see a lot on twitter. I do not tweet a lot because of the nature of my work. Oh, I forgot to mention that I am on twitter too. You can follow me @DownlowAttorney. So I learn these social media terminologies slowly and sometimes way too late. However, #thatawkwardmoment is one thing that I go through every day at the office. At first it was traumatizing but with time I have gotten used to it. Let me tell you how it came to happen.

I work for a large law firm and we have quite a huge clientele, even outside the country. One of our clients are based in South Africa where we have partnered with other law firms and occasionally we travel to Johannesburg to attend to our clients. Sometime early this year, in March, to be precise, I traveled to South Africa with a fellow lawyer from our Chambers. Dave is my junior and I have mentored him since he joined the firm and still do. As a result therefore, we have ended up becoming close. We will occasionally hang out while back in the country and get to share a lot. With time, I started to develop some feelings and started seeing him in a different light. These were physical feelings and the more we spend time together, the more I wanted to dig him! He is the kind of guy who showed all those signs of curiosity and potential to go for a one night stand thing with another man! For a long time, I never acted on my feelings nor told him of what I had been thinking! You know guys on the down low, like me, never express themselves well, that is why we do not do well in relationships especially with fellow men! I knew an opportunity would present itself. So I let him get closer to me and feel comfortable around me.

Johannesburg, South Africa is where the opportunity presented itself. This was his first time he had traveled out of the country with a work mate on account of the law firm. We had a week to spend and for a strange reason I felt that this was it, like the Michael Jackson's This is It! After working hard everyday, we would end up in a club to grab a few drinks with our fellow lawyers from Jozi. They say sincerity and alcohol are good friends, which I knew! So I had to hatch plan if I was gonna dig Dave. We finished our assignment on Thursday and were due to fly back on Sunday. I decided that make use of the weekend to get to Dave. On Friday evening I asked Dave to accompany me as I sampled the Jozi nightlife. He gladly agreed since he was not going to do much at the hotel room. We took a taxi from the hotel room after drowning some vodka and headed to Manhattan Club, 19 Wessels Road. The clubs here are well done and beautiful than in Nairobi, which I won't deny that is catching up in the clubbing scene. We found a comfortable place to seat amidst a group of young hot guys and bevy of beauties. South Africans are hot, and I hope Kenyans can learn from them on how to be hot and fabulous! Both men and women here are awesome! Every time I touch down in South Africa, I normally get hard! Anyway, we ordered our drinks and party continued!

After a couple of hours of drinking, I decided to take advantage of the situation because the opportunity had presented itself! This was the perfect timing! We were both drunk but I think Dave was more drunk than I. We danced a lot and at some instances got close to each other. I could feel his body and his sexy cologne! Dave is the kind of guy who knows how groom. Well fitting clothes, perfect cologne to match the occassion and a sexy hair cut! He's perfect. The good thing about him is that he maintains all these. I decided to make my move when he was dancing with his back on me. I whispered in his hear that I was horny and that we needed to head back to the hotel. I told him this as I held him strongly on his side slightly above the waist and made sure that he felt my hard wood. I slightly pressed it on his behind! You don't want to know his reaction!

Next thing we were in a cab heading back to the hotel and kissing passionately! I was expecting to see the cab driver shocked but he was not! This was South Africa, the rainbow nation! The only country in Africa where same sex marriage is allowed under the country's Constitution. At the hotel lobby, we staggered slowly to the lift lest we raised suspicions as to our mischief! The staff at the hotel knew us and we did not want to mess around with our reputation and respect. At the suite, a soon as the door was closed behind us, things got steamy. Clothes were ripped off and you can guess what went down. I did Dave and I was amazed how he could do this. This was his first time with a man and his first time being done. They say it is the most painful thing especially on the first time. I would not no because I have never been done! Anyway, Dave impressed me! This was repeated again on Saturday evening and when we woke up on Sunday morning, we agreed that we should act like it never happened. We flew back to Nairobi on Sunday afternoon ever since then, whenever Dave and I meet in the office, or along the corridors or in the lift, there is always that awkward moment. He still looks up to me as a mentor and in fact we have grown tighter as friends. But that awkward moment is always there.
Next time I will tell you what Dave asked me to do for him!

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  1. What an experience! I can only imagine what he asked. Great post DA.

  2. It was a great experience cuppatea. Keep reading, you will see what he asked

  3. thegayte-keeper, well just keep on reading....

  4. hey DA just read your blogg and am loving it.i am a law student and would like to be pals with yah if you dont mind you could email me