Friday, July 15, 2011


Last weekend, my girlfriend traveled out of the country to attend a seminar on a project they intend to undertake in Northern Kenya. I can see the shock on most of your faces. Yes, I have a girlfriend, who has a very good job with one of the Community Based Organizations here in Kenya. Kimberly and I have been going out for almost a year now and I really love her a lot and so does she. You see, the life of being on the down low allows you to live a 'normal' life; have a girlfriend or wife, have a good job, have good friends, drive a good car and basically enjoy the pleasures of life, yet on the other side, you get to have sex with fellow men, without raising an eyebrow.

So after dropping her off at the airport on Thursday night, ideas started coming my way. 'Should I get naughty this weekend?' I asked myself. It had been a while since I had sex, with a man and here I was, having a cool five days alone. One thing that was certain was that I was going to have a good time over the weekend. Having a girlfriend kind of keeps you tied down. She wants you go stay indoors watch movies, or go out for dinner, or tag you along to her friend's house for a random drink up. Basically when she is around, I don't have 'me' time. Instead its 'we' time. I really do not mind it at all.

If you have watched the Hangover 2 then you know about Stu's demon. At the end Stu was courageous enough to face his would be father-in-law and tell him off, thanks to the demon in him. Last weekend, I was feeling that I had a small demon in me that wanted to be unleashed! I really wanted to go crazy. I was very horny in short! After work in Friday evening, I accompanied my workmates to the lounge bar near our office for a couple of drinks but I was not feeling the drinking vybe. At 9 o'clock I excused myself to attend to an emergency. You know how you create these emergencies out of the blues and you have to ditch your friends at the bar? That is what I did. I called my shag buddy Tom and told him what I needed. My shag buddy is this masculine twenty four year old who is also on the DL. I am not that old so do not think I am a cradle snatcher. He is four years younger than me! I like him because he is all masculine, a rugby player who acts very straight! In fact he also has a  girlfriend but he does not keep them for long.

When we met up with Tom, we decided that my loft would be the perfect place. We headed straight to my bachelor pad and started drinking from there. I always keep alcohol in my house. One hour later, he was tipsy and I was getting drunk. I poured him more Jameson and he responded to it well. I love Jameson, probably the best Irish Whiskey I have ever come across. A few minuted later, we were on carpet making out heavily. We ripped off each others clothes and sucked each other! This is getting graphic, let me go easy! Back to the action! We did our thing and the demon in me came out that night. I did Tom five times that night, a feat I have never achieved with any man! The demon in me came out that night!

This week on Wednesday morning, I went to pick up Kim from the airport. As I was racing down Mombasa Road, I kept thinking about the events of last weekend. My demon was telling me stuff I was not liking at all. The demon was telling me to bring it out to Kim! There was no way I was going to do that! I love Kimberly a lot and there was no way I was going to tell her about my 'other' life. I would lose her! I could not tell her, but the demon in me wanted to come out once more, but in another form. I decided not to. I could not afford to lose her. I picked her and she dropped me at the office. She went home to rest and would pick me up after work. It felt good she was back. I knew I love her. I am thinking of taking her out tonight and maybe I can show her the demon in me, in another form! I know she will like it.

Yours truly



  1. Does it bother you that you are D/L sometimes?

  2. Whilst I understand why you are in the closet, I cant understand the need to cheat.

    I have been in the closet before and should not judge you harshly, but I can also direct you toward the freedom that comes with making a decision to be true to yourself.

    You can stay in the closet and not have to hurt 'Kim'

  3. @thegayte-keeper sometimes it does but i cant do anything about it.

    @Gay Nairobi Man. I feel your sentiments. I do not know if I am gay or bi or str8. I just love sex with men just like with women. I cant have sex with Kim like i do with men and i can love men so i do what a man's got to do!

  4. Cheating on your boo like that - not cool. I hope by the time I'm your age I'll have cleaned up my closet.

  5. @Naitwa Johnny, well you better start cleaning it up now. Don't wait till you are 28 like me!

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