Wednesday, December 19, 2012

DL Code Continued

I haven't blogged since August! What a shame. Blame it on work, getting back with the girlfriend, partying hard, a too colourful social life etc.

It has been a good run I must admit but the highlight of it all is getting back with Kimberly and finally moving back in with her at the loft. The studio was tiny for my big ego. I know you are all tired of hearing about this Kimberly. Who else can I talk about because she is the only one worth giving me sleepless nights.....

I was to do the continuation of the DL code and damn, it's been a whole 5 months. You must be tired of waiting. I should write often.

Ok, let's do this

DL Code (Cont'd)

  1. We guys on the downlow don't deal with emotions. Not male emotions. Girl emotions are way to much to handle. You can clearly see it from my previous posts about Kim. If you are lucky to be shagged by a dude on the DL, don't bother trying to find out why he didn't call the day after. He wasn't meant to call and he won't. Don't think he banged you because he liked you. He was horny and you were the only way out for him. If he needs another fix he will call. And he does it over and over again, don't think he loves you so don't pull those emotional stunts on him. Enjoy the sex while it lasts.
  2. Dudes on the DL love themselves and their partners ( i.e committed girlfriends and wives). This means that we exercise a lot of caution. Unprotected sex is a no-no. Don't expect your DL guy to bareback like it is a common thing among the out gay community. We love ourselves and will never do anything to put ourselves and loved ones at risk. So don't expect to get it raw from a DL dude. 
  3. We are smart, intelligent and have our lives on the right track. Look around and see. Most guys on the DL have serious and respectable careers and professions like law (that's me ;-) ), engineering, medicine, aviation, financial services, entrepreneurs et al. It is hard to come across a DL guy who doesn't have something serious going on in his life. I am not saying out gay people aren't serious people.... That is why we have most out people in fashion, interior design, media beauty etc. The reason is that most gay people are very colourful and creative. DL dudes are more analytical than creative. That's why it's hard to find effeminate men working as doctors, pilots etc .... These careers need people who have 'got it under control'. Not swinging their hands around the cockpit of Dreamliner or in a hospital theatre. I stand to be corrected on this one though :-) 

If you happen to bang a guy on the DL then you need to watch out for some of these things. This are just some of my observations. There could me out there. Feel free to share them.

Yours truly



  1. I totally associate myself with 1 above. Well written piece counsel!

  2. two Questions. I have a friend who everyone believes is on the downlow. My boyfriend met him when we all went to prom together. Months later, when my boyfriend sees the dl guy on twitter he asks "do I know this guy?" Then when we all went to the club together last week my boyfriend asked abiut the dl guy again. is this a sign? Why is he so interested in this guy? And my second question is if a guy is on the dl, are there certain hand gestures he does at the club around other guys to see if they are on the dl, such as touching the nose or ear?

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  4. I like this down low code....i actually can relate as i am bi and have to keep my gay lifestyle in the DL.

  5. I'm a girlfriend of a down low guy. He hides it from me and has from the beginning. I would've liked to have been informed from the start of his sexuality. Then I'd have had a choice whether to be his in spite of his lifestyle. I wouldn't have built up this fantasy that I'm all he needs sexually.


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