Friday, July 6, 2012


Wow! The last time I did a post here was in September 2011! I can't be serious! Focus is needed here! Things have happened though, like a lot of water has drained into oceans from the rivers flowing through the plains from the mountains. A lot has happened! 

They say (I don't exactly who) that when a man goes quiet he is either going through some serious issues or has had been hit in the gonads! That is some painful shit, ask anyone who has been hit there or a cyclist who misses the pedal. If you ride you know what I mean.

Anyway, to cut the long story short, I decided to take a chill pill from life generally coz my girlfriend Kimberly and I were going through some shit sometime last year. Relationships are no joke, you know. A little misunderstanding led into a confrontation and later a fight, not the physical one but the bitter exchange of words kind of fight. I am one patient guy but when things get thick, I can emit some serious dragon flames. After the fight, I moved in with Dave, remember my work mate? He too was going through issues with the girlfriend and they broke up. Sad :-( 

I didn't stay for long at Dave's coz stuff happened between us and I noticed he started getting attached. Just to cool down and clear my mind I took up a six months residency in our South Africa office and returned mid June. Kimberly and I kept in touch and talked through our issues. I still kept the loft and paid for the rent I didn't move back in when I came but instead rented a small studio when I came back. We are working it out and soon I'll move in back with her, the studio is tiny!

So basically that is what has been happening and explains the hiatus from blogging. I am back though and promise more posts, more stuff on the DL!

Yours truly



  1. Welcome...I look forward to exchange ideas.

  2. Yay! You're back! I look forward to your new posts.:-)

  3. Thanks guys. I'd missed you all. I'll strive to keep the blog active.

  4. i checked every month to see if you would the blog