Monday, September 5, 2011


We are in the month of September and I guess everyone is saying "Wake me up when September ends!" It is the other way for me! I will not wait for September to end. I have started getting down to serious business as we approach the end of the year and this weekend was just the perfect one to get me in to the end of year party mood. Do not be surprised how some of us start very early. Kim and I have already made our reservations for Christmas and New Year's at this exclusive resort in Wasini. I can assure you it is costing us an arm and leg but totally worth it! Anything for Kim and I is worth it! If you have not started making plans for the holidays then you had better get on to that!

Enough of our private holiday plans with Kim! The weekend that was saw us spend some time away from the hustle and bustle of the city. We decided to attend the Rift Valley Festival in Naivasha over the weekend. Deciding whether to go for that or Earth Dance Nairobi was not an easy task for me and Kim won! The whole idea was to spend quality time as we walk down the road to self-discovery and love. Naivasha was the  ideal location! We decided to stay at an exclusive and private farm on the Lake Naivasha as opposed to the very crowded camp sites dotting the shores of Lake Naivasha. It would have been very unfortunate to get a hotel where everyone from Nairobi was staying at. We did not was to have a feeling like Nairobi has been relocated to Lake Naivasha like what happens to the coastal city of Mombasa over Christmas! Kenyans need to find other holiday destinations. 

Our journey started on Friday afternoon when I went to pick up Kim's new car from the garage where it was being tuned. We had decided to have a thrill with her new car and the best road was the Nairobi-Nakuru highway. FYI she is a petrol-head more than I and a Subaru Forester would not have been a better car. Congratulations Kim on your new aqusition! I then picked her from work and passed by the loft to pick up our bags which were packed the previous night. 3 p.m found us cruising past Kimende. Oh boy, didn't fall in love with this car! I am jealous already! We got to Naivasha some minutes before 4 pm and headed straight to the farm where we had reserved a room. I have resisted mentioning the name of the farm to avoid it being discovered. Trust Kenyans to be spoilers for every good thing!

We spend the night at the room and headed to the Farm club house for dinner and drinks. We danced all night long with the white farm owners and their friends. Naivasha I realized has a very elite, private and exclusive community of whites who only hang out in exclusiveness. Show me Kenyans who have a Farm club house, complete with a chef, resident Dj, fully equipped bar and will hang out amongst themselves. I doubt there many.

On Saturday we checked out the festival and the line up was good. Check out the link above. Dj Adrian was my  favorite. He never disappoints. I guess I am old school like that. Show me a 28 or 32 year old who did not listen to Dj Adrian in their days. While at the performance in the evening, I received a call from Dave. You remember Dave from my office? I almost forgot to tell you a story I had promised to tell about Dave. That is for the next post. Dave and his girlfriend Diana have been having a rough time of late and two weeks ago she packed her bags and moved back home. Dave sounded low when I answered his call. I had tried to keep off work and other unnecessary interruptions but Dave's call could not go unanswered

"Hey. How are you?" he asked. 
"I'm well" I responded. 
"Could you come over to my place? I am lonely!" he said. 
"Sorry I can't. I am in Naivasha with Kimberly. I will pass by when I come back on Sunday evening". I told him.
"Cool, halla when you are back. Have fun" he signed off and hang up. 
I really felt bad for him. If I knew he would be that lonely, Kim and I would have taken him with us to Naivasha. 

Well to cut the long story short, Kim and I had lots of fun. We did connect in many ways, discovered endless opportunities. By the time we were leaving Naivasha, I was thinking its time I took it to the next lever with Kim. The rain which I am told is a sign of blessings in the African communities was probably an indication that our relationship was sanctioned. The rain was all over and when we got to Nairobi, I was too tired to pass by Dave's. I talked to him in the morning at the office but this was the work place, not much can be discussed. I will drop by his place with a bottle of wine tomorrow or Thursday.

Enjoy the month of September!

Yours truly



  1. That weekend sounds so romantic for you and Kim! :-)

  2. Naitwa johnny. It was indeed and very refreshing

  3. I'm envious bout the new car (Forester kwanza!) ride. I was imagining the descent towards Naivasha as if I was in the car!
    As for the farmhouse si you at least email details - n yes I am one of those Kenyans! I want to sample that place, it sounds like quite the escape

  4. Wyndown, it is a fabulous car. I love its power. I had no idea that it could fly! I might change mine and get one like that.
    I'll send you the details